Install Lightning Network node


Make sure to follow Install CHIPS-cli wallet first, the CHIPS daemon should be synced!

Clone the lightning repository:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y autoconf automake git build-essential libtool libgmp-dev libsqlite3-dev python python3
git clone
cd lightning

Build and configure

Make lightning:

make -j2

Set a config file to make your node visible on the lightning explorer:

mkdir ~/.chipsln
cd ~/.chipsln
nano config

The following configuration settings need to be set:

alias=<your unique alias name, visible on ln explorer>
rgb=<RGB color of your node on the ln explorer>
ipaddr=<your public ip address>

Ctrl-x to exit, Y and then Enter to save and exit.

Running the lightning node

Start lightning and let it sync:

cd ~/lightning
lightningd/lightningd --log-level=debug

To make sending commands easier, make a script in /usr/bin:

cd /usr/bin/
sudo nano chipsln-rpc

Add the following:

~/lightning/cli/lightning-cli $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 | jq

Ctrl-x to exit, Y and then Enter to save and exit.

use chmod to make it executable:

sudo chmod +x chipsln-rpc

Let’s see if it works

chipsln-rpc getinfo

If it returns your node’s id, you’re all set. Get a new address to fund your Lightning Node:

chipsln-rpc newaddr

This returns an address, which needs to be funded first in order to open a channel with another node. Join the CHIPS discord to get a small amount of CHIPS

Run the following command to check if your node has funds:

chipsln-rpc listfunds

Optionally, using these two parameters, you can connect to a node visible on the LN explorer

chipsln-rpc connect
chipsln-rpc fundchannel